Graceful Last Chapters

You and Cynthia Martindale have something in common. She's been where you are.

She holds a law degree specializing in elder care

She was the primary caregiver for her own parents

She was a manager in assisted living

Her voice is unique  because she is unique.  No one else in the whole world has her particular skill set.  It's been formed by her history -- a combination of relationships, education, experiences, professional work, beliefs, accomplishments and, disappointments. She now serves as a guide, a counselor, a coach and a teacher. She understands your fears, your concerns and your frustration.

Cynthia will walk you step-by-step through developing your own caregiving plan, one that is unique to your situation and accomplishes your personal caregiving goals. Having the book is like having her beside you.


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What will you gain from reading this book?

  • You will be better prepared to help make choices for seniors who need more care.
  • You will form a knowledge base to proceed on the journey, learn the lay of the land, the terminology and definitions, the common twists and turns you can’t control, and the options likely faced along the way.
  • You will  learn to ask more questions, dig deeper, and judge for yourself whether the information rings true and right for the needs of your situation.
  • You will gather resources, choices, and approaches to issues relevant now and in the future.
  • You will become a better guide, partner, and friend to someone who depends on you.
  • You will start to accept that you and your loved one are not alone, and life can be better.

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Do you have questions about:
Assisted living? Home Health Care? Assisted Living Facilities? Home Care Assistance? Retirement Homes?

Topics Covered In The Book Include:

* Life as a caregiver:  

Caregivers for seniors, this book is for you.  Uncover all the options for care, do your best work, and find Peace of Mind when your journey’s done. Starting today, chip away at your challenges.

* Long term care:

Learn how to create the best plan for today and for future needs, then make it happen. You won’t avoid the hard parts -- legal preparation, financial planning, and medical history -- because they’re made easy.

* Senior Care at home:

Learn about home health care, homecare, home care assistance, home health, and home care services -- and most importantly -- what makes them different?  Find resources, interview, hire, get the right mix, and locate the latest technology.

* Senior Care in retirement communities:

Demystify how to find the senior care you need at a senior living community. You’ll learn criteria for independent living, assisted living, and memory care facilities. Ask the right questions to uncover what you need to know, and get ready to tour.

* Decision-making made easy:

Sounds impossible but it’s not. Viable options for healthy senior living can be either ageing at home with additional care or senior care inside senior housing . . . when you learn one secret.  Finding what you need is within your power.  This book covers it all.

A Message From Cynthia Martindale

Graceful Last Chapters was written as a resource for those of us helping someone who needs us. Our relationship binds us to them — by blood, time, love, friendship, a sense of responsibility, or a mix of these things. It often begins with small tasks, minor gifts of time and effort given with an open heart. But somewhere along the sliding scale of Task,Time & Emotion, you, the caregiver, begin to feel a sense of panic rising . You get a glimpse of where this might be heading, you get a long view, and you feel inadequate. Where is this going? What are the options? How can you best help this person and not lose yourself in the process? How do you fix this? Helping you answer these questions is why I wrote Graceful Last Chapters. This is the book I was looking for and couldn’t find in the mid-1990’s — when I was where you are now, overwhelmed with the early stages of helping two people I loved dearly, my parents.

During the years between the mid-’90’s and now, I finished law school (with a focus on legal issues affecting seniors) and started working at a job that became my passion. For many years I worked in senior housing — helping seniors, usually overseen by an assortment of family members, find the right place and the right services to act as their new “home.” As their aging progressed, something about their old home was no longer working well for them, and they were exploring options. Sometimes they moved into the senior community where I worked; sometimes they found another retirement complex that worked better for them. And sometimes, they decided to continue staying in their current home with some major changes. I helped them at a very difficult point in their lives, and I made a lot of very special friends. Having gone through the same journey with my own parents, I related to their concerns, worries, and anxiety with empathy and compassion. And I helped the family members find the answers they needed to better aid their loved ones.

This book, Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care, is my offer to help you through your journey, to point you to more resources, to help you cope. More than that, I want to help you find the joy and the sweetness in these often really emotional and overwhelming times. And, as a result of that, I hope your senior’s last years are enriched . . . through love, understanding, and the best level of care possible.

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